Hi, I'm Lucas Käldström! I'm passionate about everything cloud-native, like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker and Rook.
I'm a Kubernetes subproject owner and approver (formerly called maintainer) since April 2016 and CNCF Ambassador since July 2017 on my spare time, and I'm contributing a lot of hours and passion to the CNCF & Kubernetes communities.   I started Kubernetes on ARM in September 2015 as the first fully-working solution to run Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi's and other ARM boards. That paved the way for me into the awesome Kubernetes community, and now I've been contributing to Kubernetes since then as it has been a lot of fun for me. The Kubernetes on ARM project, which is no longer needed as I upstreamed the functionality into the core together with the community, was the project used in the Master's Thesis ”KubeCloud: A Small-Scale Tangible Cloud Computing Environment”, written by Kasper Nissen and Martin Jensen at Aarhus University, 6th of June, 2016.   I helped port Kubernetes to multiple platforms, get Minikube off the ground, and have been active in SIG Cluster Lifecycle since its creation July 2016, mainly working on kubeadm. I'm a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin (LFCS). I was awarded the CNCF Community award "Top Ambassador" of 2017.   I'm driving my own tech company in the cloud native area called luxas labs, which has been performing Kubernetes upstream contracting work for Weaveworks during 2017. You can also check out my CV (in Swedish at the moment) here.

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As a CNCF Ambassador, I've given a couple of talks in various places:
  • Intel and ARM, let Kubernetes rule them all!
  • Autoscaling a Multi-Platform Kubernetes Cluster Built with kubeadm
  • Intro to the cloud-native world of Kubernetes
    • CNCF & Kubernetes Finland, Helsingfors, 04.10.2017
    • Youtube
    • Slides
  • Kubernetes' Architecture Fundamentals
    • University College London, 18.10.2017
    • Slides
  • SIG Cluster Lifecycle Update, with Robert Bailey, Google
    • KubeCon North America 2017, Austin, 06.12.2017
    • Slides
    • Sched
  • kubeadm Cluster Creation Internals: From Self-Hosting to Upgradability and HA
  • Winter update from the Cloud Native World
    • CNCF & Kubernetes Finland, Helsinki, 22.02.2018
    • Slides
  • Intro to the essential API resources in Kubernetes
    • CNCF & Kubernetes Finland, Helsinki, 03.04.2018
    • Slides
  • What does ”production ready” really mean for a Kubernetes cluster?
    • KubeCon Europe 2018, Copenhagen, 04.05.2018
    • Kubernetes London Meetup, London, 17.05.2018
    • Youtube
    • Slides
    • Sched
  • Intro to the cloud-native world of Kubernetes
    • IN2P3’s Computing Centre, Lyon, 08.06.2018
    • Slides

About me

I'm an enthusiastic guy that mainly like to do three kinds of things: create open-source software in order to change the world, listen to music and sing along and defend the goal on the soccer pitch.

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Hello everyone out there!

Hi and welcome to my first blog post ever! I hope you’re as excited as I am. I’m planning to blog here every now and then, about both large and small things. But first, let me introduce myself and tell my history so far. This blog post has also been published at the CNCF blog. […]

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Lucas Käldström

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